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Custom Labels for Healthcare

Label solutions play a critical role in patient health & safety as well as having an impact on both institution & provider reputations.

Types of Labels:
  • Window Decals
  • Charting Labels
  • Sticker Sheets
Great For:
  • Enhancing Patient Care: Warning Labels, Prescription Alerts, Allergy Notifications
  • Equipment Identification: Identify equipment from various departments
  • Patient Identification
  • Keeping kids occupied: Sticker Sheets in waiting rooms
  • Promotional/Community Event Giveaways: Parades, Blood Drives, Health Fairs
Available Options:
  • Thermal or Direct Transfer Stocks: Print patient information on site
  • Tamper Evident Stocks
  • Barcoding & Consecutive Numbering: Equipment and patient identification
  • Durable Stocks and Finishes: For abrasive and harsh environments

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Healthcare Labels Success Story


A hospital was looking for ways to keep kids occupied while they were in the waiting or exam room. They needed something that would do more than just entertain children, though; their order also had to do some heavy lifting when it came to informing patients.


The hospital created a sticker sheet using removable stock that wouldn’t stay permanently attached to books, walls, or furniture in the waiting room. Because these sticker sheets were printed with images of the doctors and accessories to dress them up, the sticker sheets also helped kids get to know the doctors who would be giving them their checkups. This helped them get to know the doctors and made a day at the doctor’s office less stressful for both parents and children. The sticker sheet also utilized printing on the liner to give more information about the clinic. With contact information, a list of departments, and other important details, liner copy allowed the sticker sheets to serve as a reminder for parents and to double as a useful promotional piece to hand out at community events.


Not only did the hospital use sticker sheets to create a versatile promotional piece, they also found that their label choice allowed them to take advantage of these benefits:

  • Kids stayed happy
  • Both parents and children experienced less stress
  • Removable stock ensured that the stickers would not stick to furniture
  • Printing on the liner for more information
  • Doubled as a giveaway for local events

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