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Website Access

How do I get set up for placing orders online?
Use the New Account link in the upper right to register for a new account, or contact Customer Care (866-628-6868) for setting up your exclusive log in information.

Color Management

Is everything printed in Full color?
Products ordered from Order online are printed in full color and some products such as Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes are available with Spot color printing.
How do I color my Spot Colored Files?
Please upload a print-ready PDF with your artwork colored using the same spot colors selected while ordering. The produced product will use Navitor standard spot ink colors and/or PMS colors. See here for detailed instructions. Approximate web colors (RGB) are used on the screen to represent spot ink colors when going through the ordering process online.
Why do light colors not thermo well?
Thermography (raised print) coverage will decrease as the gradient percentage and density of color are reduced. Light skin tones, light colors, and low screen percentages will affect the raised appearance. For superior quality raised print, we recommend color builds with a combined CMYK value of 100 or more.
Why isn’t 100% black compatible with thermo? My other suppliers tell me 100% works.
100% black prints a washed-out black color and thermo does not adhere to it. If you require a "Rich Black", then use the CMYK values (80, 80, 80, 95), which will result in a darker tone and improved thermography.
How do I get a "Rich Black" Color?
"Rich Black" has additional CMYK ink values that result in a darker tone. To get a Rich Black color, set up your ink values as such: 80, 80, 80, 95. If you print black alone (0, 0, 0, 100), you may not obtain the results you expected. The mixture is the same for both flat and raised. See Guidelines
Can I submit my file with specific Pantone® colors?
When you submit them as a Pantone® color, our system will then automatically convert all of your Pantone® (PMS) colors into CMYK. Prior to submitting your order, you may want to consult a Pantone swatch book to determine the CMYK color equivalent to your requested PMS color.

Ordering Processes

What is the difference between the two ordering processes: Online Products and Catalog Products?
Online Products is simply upload your artwork, or choose from thousands of predesigned templates, choose your stock and check out.
Catalog Products is ideal for your specialty print projects. Use the specific process options, and submit your orders with the ability to upload artwork and include special instructions using the online forms.
I don't understand how to use your albums and catalogs with Catalog Products.
Items in our albums and catalogs are fully customizable traditional orders. All traditional orders can be submitted through our Catalog Products process. These orders are generally more complex and require us to manually work with the artwork to ensure it is printed to your expectations.
Can I get a different color stock not shown on the website?
If you prefer a different color stock, please reference the Catalog Products on the left navigation bar and the online catalogs. If this does not provide you with the information desired, please contact customer care (866-628-6868).
Do I have to use your templates?
Templates are provided to make uploading your print-ready files faster and easier. When you use our templates, your design automatically fits to the appropriate dimensions for bleeds, text lines, etc.
Stationery Templates Folders Templates
Label Templates Premiere Products Templates
How do I place an order for an Item that is not offered on Online Products?
In these circumstances, please click on the product under Catalog Products and then complete the order form or email your artwork and information to
Where can I view promotional products?
Select Promotional Products under the All Products heading to view and order these products.


Why is Order online pricing different from Catalog ordering?
Order online pricing is based on you providing us with print-ready files that can be passed web-to-print. Since you are uploading a file requiring no prep work, we are able to pass the file directly to our production team. This cost savings is passed onto you.
The site defaults to Wholesale pricing. How do I see my List prices?
On the "My Account" page you will find "More Settings" and your Pricing Options. Click "Retail" and the site prices will now show retail pricing. Note that the instant price calculator will continue to show wholesale pricing. Click "Wholesale" and the site prices will now show both retail and wholesale prices.
Will I be charged the price that appears on the receipt page?
The receipt page can be viewed from a wholesale or list perspective. (Wholesale pricing is the default.) You will be charged the price shown on the wholesale version.
How do I get a price quote?
You are able to request a quote through the website by navigating to Help & Resources, select the Pricing and Quote requests page and completing the Custom Estimate Request form. You may also contact Customer Care (866-628-6868) for a price quote.
Are the prices shown in the Catalog wholesale or list?
All catalog pricings shown are list.

Production Times

What are the production times for ordering online and where do I find the information on the site?
Production times are dependent on the product ordered. For a quick reference you can view the Production times for all Online Products available and view which Navitor facilities can produce each product. Also, when using the Instant Price Calculator production times are listed after the product has been selected.


I need to cancel my order online order.
Due to the speed of processing web-to-print orders, we are unable to cancel your order once it is released.
How can I find my orders and shipping information?
Sign in and on the "My Account" page you will find your orders and shipping information under the "Order History" link.
Am I able to get a tracking number online for jobs that just shipped?
Yes, please go to the "My Account" page and click on "Order History" for the tracking number.
How do I enter a reorder?
You can easily place a reorder by visiting the "My Account" page and clicking the "reorders (online orders only)" link.
Am I able to reorder multiple orders in one cart?
At this time we are not able to process multiple reorders in the same cart.
How do I release an order?
If you have chosen this unique feature, which requires your approval prior to production release, on the "My Accounts" page click the link "Pending Orders" select the order you wish to release and click release.
How do I email a proof to my client for an order I placed through Order online?
The Proof & Approval section and Shopping Cart both provide a link that enables you to send an email PDF proof to your client. Simply click on the "Email PDF Proof."
Can I pay my balance online?
We apologize; paying your balance online is not available at this time.
Can I pay with a credit card online after the order has shipped?
Sorry, you can only pay with a credit card when placing an order, you may speak with our Accounts Receivable team to pay your invoice with your credit card.
Why does shipping cost more than my product?
Shipping is calculated through the UPS and FedEx shipping programs. Your product is less because you are doing all the prep work; shipping is not affected in this case.
Is there any way to get approximate costs online before going in and placing the order?
Yes, please use the Online Price Calculator.

Stamps, Signs & Badges

What is the difference between self-inking and pre-inked stamps?
Self-inking is great for repetitive stamping, pre-inked is the best when high quality impressions are needed. Good examples are use self-inking with "For Deposit Only" stamps and use pre-inked for signature stamps.
Will my Stamps, Signs & Badges ship together with my print order?
No, they are shipping from two different locations, so they will ship separately.
What is the minimum quantity for name badges?
Quantities as low as 1 can be ordered for name badges.
Do Full Color Name Badges have bleeds?
Yes, because this is a full color product using artwork, include bleeds in your upload file.

Label Works

How fast do your inks fade?
Our standard inks are not resistant. Depending on the conditions, inks could last 3 to 6 months. We do offer some fade resistant inks or a sunscreen lamination available through our quoting process; please call for pricing or email
What is a white back-up?
Clear stock labels are a popular choice for many uses, but sometimes it needs a little help to ensure they are visible, easy to read and communicate effectively. White back-up is the process of applying white ink directly behind the artwork to make it easier to read on clear stocks.
What is a floodcoat?
No, not a rain-repellant jacket used when the waters begin to rise. Rather, flood coat is the process of applying ink over the entire label to change the color of the stock prior to printing the design.
What is a backslit?
This isn’t referring to a sassy little skirt, but rather the cut on the back of the liner for quick and easy removal of the label.
What is a bend & peel tab?
A square cut label with a slit on one end for easier peeling and removal, to combat fumbling fingers desperate to remove a label from the backing.
Are any of your labels waterproof?
None of our catalog stocks are approved to be submerged in liquid. If waterproof labels are needed, please call for pricing or email
Do you carry water bottle labels?
Yes, we do carry water bottle labels and recommend using a film stock with a varnish to protect the inks. For pricing, please see page 29 of our catalog, or click here for more information
Do you have a stock you can write on?
You can write on our matte, EDP and laser stocks. We also have a matte varnish and lamination that can be added to any stock so that it can be written on. Please call for pricing or email
What is a varnish?
A varnish is a thin protective coating that is bonded and cured with ultra-violet light leaving a high gloss finish. It provides moisture protection but does not provide UV ray protection. The Gloss UV Varnish is not available for matte stocks. The Matte UV Varnish is recommended for writing.
What is a lamination?
  • Gloss Lamination: Fashion meets function? Absolutely. Our standard gloss lamination enhances appearance while adding a high-gloss sheen that provides weather-resistant protection for our outdoor stocks. Pretty and practical!
  • Matte Lamination: Some labels need a bit of help to make them rough and tough. Matte lamination provides a matte finish with a low-glare surface to enable electronic scanning and offers excellent acid, chemical and oil resistance. Other perks? It’s the best laminate for handwriting information on your labels.
  • Sunscreen Lamination: Don’t subject your labels to age spots and premature wrinkles. Sunscreen lamination is a clear polyester film specifically formatted to protect the label by screening out harmful UV rays. Extends the fade resistance of some inks depending on the environment and usage and provides a high-gloss sheen.
What stocks do you carry?
For more information on our stocks, click here to view our Label Works stock list.
Will I receive more than (overrun) or less than (underrun) the quantity I order? Will I be charged for an overrun?
If you order a certain quantity of labels, we will produce and ship that quantity. If there are extra labels shipped with your order, we will not charge for the over run.
What if I need a less-than-minimum quantity?
Please contact for more information.
What is freeform?
Welcome to the twenty-first century. Freeform uses a high-powered beam to cut material rather than using a traditional hard die. Say sayonara to squares and bid adieu to ovals. Freeform labels can be produced in the shape of cars, stars, fruits, toys, trees, animals, flowers…well, you get the idea. Anything!
What is FasTurn?
Our FasTurn labels have a production time of just 24-72 hours! Available in a wide variety of sizes on 24 stocks in 1, 2, 3, or full color process - we will find the label that fits your needs!
How can I get label samples?
Please contact Customer Care with any samples requests at or 800.522.3558.
How much are proofs on lotted or versioned label orders?
The first proof on one lot or version is free; proofs on other lots or versions are available for a fee. Please contact Customer Care for more information at or 800.522.3558.
Do you offer press proofs?
Yes, we offer press proofs on a case-by-case basis for an additional fee. For more information, please contact Customer Care at 800.522.3558 or
If I want to place a manual label order, what email address do I use?
To place an order, email; see our Contact Us page for more information.
Will the colors on the screen match my label order exactly?
Each computer screen will show color differently due to the settings on your computer. Colors will be a close representation but will not match exactly.
View the full list of Label Works FAQ's


Is International shipping available when ordering online products?
International shipping is not available when ordering online. Manually processed orders are available with International shipping.


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