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Epoly® Polypropylene & PolyWeave® Products

When it comes to durability, poly products bring unparalleled benefits including water, stain and tear resistance. What does that mean for marketing products and office supplies? Long-lasting residual marketing exposure with a cost per impression that is nearly impossible to beat!

Polypropylene Envelopes

Experience the perfect blend of durability and resilience with our water, stain, and tear resistant polypropylene envelopes. Protect important documents and materials in style. Customize for a professional edge that leaves a lasting impression. Polypropylene Envelopes


PolyWeave® is a woven, high-density polyethylene fabric that boasts a UV inhibitor, anti-tear properties, and a waterproofing compound. These qualities significantly enhance product longevity, allowing items to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring the investment lasts for years to come. PolyWeave® is a material that won’t rip, even if you poke a hole in it, the tear will not continue. PolyWeave®

Polypropylene Files

Polypropylene files offer durability and longevity, ensuring documents stay safe and organized for years. Their water-resistant and tear-resistant properties protect important papers from damage, while eco-friendliness reduces environmental impact. Polypropylene Files

Polypropylene Folders

A game-changer when it comes folders, polypropylene boasts some remarkable qualities, being a durable material that consistently defies wear and tear. A testament to modern material science, these folders are built to last and designed to leave a lasting impression. Polypropylene Folders


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