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Custom Labels for Electronic Cigarettes & Vaporizers

Experiencing both sales growth and increasing regulations, label solutions are a critical component of long-term success.

Types of Labels:
  • Product Labels
  • Tamper Evident/Security Labels
  • Warning Labels
  • Packaging Labels
  • Advertising & Promotion Labels
Great For:
  • Maximizing Shelf Appeal
  • Small Batch Production
  • Regulation Requirements
Available Options:
  • Barcoding
  • Variable Content: Batch Multiple Versions
  • Film Stocks: Great for conforming to curved surfaces
  • Holographic Foils
  • Vibrant Full Color Printing
  • Full Color Foil Effects
  • Low Quantities

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Electronic Cigarette & Vaporizer Labels Success Story


In order to provide a safer e-cigarette package, an e-cigarette company needed to create a label that would maintain brand standards while allowing for at-a-glance knowledge of whether or not a package had been opened or tampered with.


Because of the highly specific needs of the e-cigarette company, they worked to create a custom label for their products. This label had to be torn in order to open the package, making it clearly evident if the packaging had been opened or tampered with. Press proofs were used to ensure that the label operated in the way that the company wanted them to. This full color label with foil accents also allowed them to utilize color matching to create a perfect match for their brand standards. Clear stock enhanced this look further. This meant that the label wasn’t just a practical addition to the packaging; it also helped increase shelf appeal along the way. With increased shelf appeal and a safer package, the company found that customers appreciated the boost in style and security provided by the new, tamper-evident labels.


By creating a custom label for their packaging, the e-cigarette company achieved:

  • At-a-glance packaging verification
  • Greater safety for distributors and customers
  • Label style maintained brand standards
  • Label was used for additional shelf appeal

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