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Sustainability Policy

At Navitor® we are dedicated to protecting the reputation of our customers through the quality of our personalized printed products and through the sustainability of our operations. We believe we can be successful today while eliminating problems for tomorrow.
We stand behind the following principles:

We Follow the Rules

We will meet or exceed the requirements of all laws that apply to our business. This applies to all environmental, health, safety, labor laws and regulations. We believe in providing a safe workplace that does not negatively impact our community.

We Continuously Improve

We will continue to improve through our Always A Better Way (ABW) process - a combination of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles.

We Reduce our Impact

We will reduce the environmental impact of our operations through the use of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Teams analyze our operations, generate ideas for improvement and track our progress.

We Communicate with Our Employees, Customers and Suppliers

We encourage our employees, customer and suppliers to participate in these efforts by communicating our goals and our progress. We will be a role model to the people that impact our business.
We will continue to follow the rules, improve the processes and utilize Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We will effectively communicate with our employees, customers and suppliers as your reputation is everything.


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