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Custom Labels for Wine

With the average wine consumer taking 5 seconds to make a purchase decision, wine sales are heavily dependent on an enticing label to garner shelf appeal.

Types of Labels:
  • Product Labels
  • Mailing Labels
  • Shipping Labels
  • Window Decals
  • Package Labels
Great For:
  • Prototyping
  • Private Labeling
  • Shelving and Point of Purchase Labels
  • Advertising & Self-Promotion
  • Enhanced Product Packaging
  • Seasonal Promotions
Available Options:
  • Variable Content: Batch multiple versions
  • Barcoding
  • Foil stamping & embossing
  • Vibrant full color printing & full color foil effects
  • Wet-Strength Stocks: Estate #8 & #9
  • Custom shapes unique to your brand
  • Alternating front & back labels on a roll for easier machine application

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Wine Labels Success Story


A winery wanted a label that showed off the high quality of their product and made their wine look extraspecial on the shelf. They wanted something with artisanal appeal and a unique look that would be instantly recognizable.


A unique wood label stock was the key to creating a wine label with shelf appeal and a handmade feel that showed off the winery’s love of limited edition wines crafted with care. Two different stocks were available - cherry or birch veneer - making it easy for consumers to tell red and white wines apart at-a-glance. Because the wood label stock was the most striking design element, they decided to print in simple colors on a rectangular label to let the unique look of the stock shine through. The wood stock also allowed the winery to make a nod to their wooded setting, making the wine bottles beautifully suited to weddings and other special events held at the winery. The stock also created a look that was appropriate for gift baskets and other uses that need an additional bit of style. Wood labels are also available in smaller quantities, which meant that the winery could easily create a more intricate label for their limited edition and seasonal wines. The winery especially liked the idea of including laser cut details for future special wine offerings.


With a creative style that perfectly suited their brand and their location, the winery was able to create a label with plenty of benefits:

  • Unique wood stock created great shelf appeal and made the wine appropriate for gifts and special occasions
  • Laser cutting was an option that could be utilized for limited edition batches
  • Two different stock options allowed for different looks between red and white wine
  • Smaller quantities make the stock ideal for a winery that makes small batches

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