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Custom Labels for Media Packaging

Form and function complement each other to meet your goals. Make it more appealing on the shelf and drive brand differentiation.

Types of Labels:
  • Advertising Labels
  • Coupon & Promotion Labels
  • Bumper Stickers & Window Decals
Great For:
  • Product Call Outs: New Releases, Blu-Ray, Bonus Features, Gift with Purchase
  • Additional Advertising Information
  • Special Pricing/Coupons
  • Enhancing Packaging
  • Product Security: Tamper Evident Stocks, Holographic Foil
Available Options:
  • QR Codes & Barcoding
  • Variable Content: Batch Multiple Versions, Packaging Prototyping, Market Testing
  • Tamper Evident Stocks
  • Custom Shapes Unique to Your Brand
  • Metallic Inks, Vibrant Full Color Printing, Full Color Foil Effects
  • Machine Applied Labels

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Media Packaging Labels Success Story


A music company was looking for a way to highlight a limited run of special edition CDs without the need to change the packaging entirely. They needed something that made these special editions more exciting while informing the public about the bonus content inside.


Because the company did not want to completely rebrand the CD to explain that there was an additional poster and bonus tracks inside, a label applied to the outside of the packaging was the ideal solution. These labels could be applied by machine to the small quantity of limited edition CDs. In order to better highlight the exclusive nature of the special edition CD, a gold foil stock was chosen and printed with simple black print. This allowed for a clear and readable label that still conveyed a deluxe feel to consumers. The shine of the stock also made the labels instantly eye-catching, making the special edition CDs even more recognizable. This stock was available in smaller run quantities,making it ideal for the needs of a smaller limited edition. The simple black print allowed the labels to be printed quickly and shipped to the manufacturer in time for the label to be used in the CD’s release.


Not only did the media company create a label that explained the limited edition CD’s contents, they also took advantage of these additional benefits:

  • Foil stock conveyed a deluxe feel
  • Black print allowed the labels to be highly readable
  • Short runs of labels to accommodate limited edition
  • More economical than a full rebrand
  • Quick turnaround for last-minute need

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