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Custom Campaign Labels

Whether on the local, state or federal level, labels and decals are the perfect candidates to call attention to your campaign.

Types of Labels:
  • Mailing Labels
  • Water Bottle Labels
  • Bumper Stickers
  • Window Decals
  • ‘I Voted’ Stickers
Great For:
  • Supporting Fundraising Efforts
  • Parades: Lapel Stickers to show support for candidates or causes
  • Campaign Rallies: Bumper Stickers & Window Decals to create mini moving billboards
  • Public Events: Water Bottle Labels, Decals for vehicles, windows, computers, tablets & phones
  • Voting Day: ‘I Voted’ stickers
Available Options:
  • Durable, Weather-Resistant Stocks: To ensure your label/decal lasts their entire term/campaign
  • Variable Data: Personalize to campaign donors or voting districts
  • Removable Durable Stock: Perfect for tablets, computers & phones

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Campaign Labels Success Story


A local campaign needed to have a promotional piece for a last-minute event. They needed their order to be able to be carried by multiple campaign workers, to have broad appeal, and to have plenty of space for information.


The campaign chose a classic promotional piece: a removable bumper sticker printed in four color process. The campaign’s design was a simple image of the campaign’s logo, but the real key to creating a great promotional sticker was in the stock. A removable bumper sticker stock was employed so that a wider variety of campaign supporters could use the label without worrying about removing it later. This stock is also durable enough to last throughout the campaign, so the labels would help promote the campaign until Election Day. The backside liner of the label was also essential to the campaign’s goals. With printing on the liner, they could include information about the candidate’s goals and beliefs. They were also able to point voters to the campaign’s website for more detailed information. Liner copy allowed the label to double as an informational piece. Because these labels were cut individually, they were easy to distribute among many campaign workers throughout the parade route. Any leftovers were also easy to hand out at future events.


With a quick turnaround time and print options that allowed for plenty of information and promotional space, the campaign labels were a perfect fit:

  • Removable stock increased appeal and usability for the public
  • Stock was durable enough to last through the campaign season
  • Four-color print allowed for quick turnaround time (order was produced in just a couple days)
  • Labels provided the campaign with mobile advertising
  • Printing on the liner created additional space for information

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