Media Releases



6/11/2019Navitor Announces Addition of Spot Color Announcements to Online Offering
4/5/2019Navitor Announces the Addition of Enhanced Finishes to Their Offering
4/2/2019Navitor Specialty Products (NSP) Launches New Signage Catalog
3/1/2019Navitor Specialty Products (NSP) Adds Acrylic Line in February 2019
1/30/2019Navitor Specialty Products (NSP) Adds to Its Stamp Offerings in 2019
12/5/2018Navitor Announces Addition of ASTROBRIGHTS® Papers for Postcards and Business Cards
4/20/2018Navitor Announces Addition of New Online Post-it® Note Quantities
1/16/2018NSP Works Announces New Brand: Navitor Specialty Products (NSP™)
9/13/2017Navitor Announces Addition of Laminated Menus
3/23/2017Navitor Presentation Folders Announces New Brand
1/19/2017Navitor Announces the Addition of the New 2000 PLUS® HD Pre-Inked Stamps
6/30/2016Navitor Announces Addition of Color Core Stock
8/27/2015Label Works Earns G7 Master Printer Qualification
8/20/2015New Products and Catalogs Added to Navitor Line
6/22/2015Navitor Announces Additions to Online Spot Color Offering
4/7/2015Navitor Announces New Luxury Business Cards
3/26/2015Label Works Earns Certificate of Excellence at 2015 American Package Design Awards
3/19/2015Navitor Announces the Addition of New 2000 PLUS® Stamp Features
2/5/2015Navitor Specialty Products Announces New Plant Manager
12/9/2014Label Works Earns Gold Ink Award
12/6/2014Navitor Releases the 2015 Navitor Catalog
9/16/2014navINK™ Launches at GRAPH EXPO ’14
8/18/2014Navitor East Announces SGP Certification
6/12/2014Navitor Debuts New Fabric Decals
6/2/2014Navitor Adds New Selection of Business Cards to its Online Offering
5/7/2014Navitor Sponsors Creative Freelancer Conference at HOW Design Live
2/13/2014Navitor Invests in State of the Art Presses