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Scanning Guidelines

Black and White line art should be scanned in as line art or bitmap at 600 dpi. Photos, color CMYK or grayscale, should be scanned in at 300 dpi for standard spot or process printing. Images that come to Navitor® at lower resolutions than what is recommended will be output as sent. We will not raise the resolution here. Check your scanner if it has these high resolution capabilities. TIFF or EPS formats are best.

Arcus CMYK Arcus RGD Horizon CMYK Navitor Scan
AC1-600/27 300RGBP AC1-600/27 600RGBP Horizon RGB

The sample photos shown above were scanned following our guidelines. Different scanners will give you a variety of quality even when following our guidelines. If you have questions on your scanner's capabilities, we recommend you check your manual or call the scanner's manufacturer.


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