Capture the Cannabis Market

Print Solutions That Turn Heads and Open Wallets

A storefront is a powerful marketing tool. It’s also the very first exposure potential customers have to a brand. Creating an inviting storefront will catch the attention of all who pass by, invite new customers into the dispensary and establish the brand.

Ten Products That Turn Browsers Into Buyers

  1. Flexible Pouches: Versatile, resealable pouches keep products fresh and look great on display.
  2. Packaging: Eye-catching, compliant packaging reflects brand identity and protects products.
  3. Product Labels: Clear, informative labels showcase strain information, potency, and the customer’s unique branding.
  4. Exterior Signage: Sail signs and banners grab people’s attention as they pass and invite them into the business.
  5. Window & Floor Decals: Eye-catching, removable graphics guide customers and advertise promotions.
  6. Shopping Bag Branded Stickers: Custom stickers turn every purchase into a walking advertisement.
  7. Business Vehicle Signage: Turn company vehicles into mobile billboards with magnetic signs and bumper stickers.
  8. Business Cards: Memorable business cards encourage repeat visits.
  9. Folders: Branded folders hold customer information packets or loyalty program materials.
  10. Flyers & Brochures: Informative, visually appealing handouts educate customers and promote specials.

Investing in high-quality custom print materials is a smart way for a business to differentiate itself in a competitive market. These items enhance the brand’s visibility and create a professional, welcoming atmosphere that turns curious passersby into loyal customers. Start implementing these custom print solutions today and watch your client’s foot traffic – and sales – grow.

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