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Navitor is a proud Brand Chain affiliate

Supply-chain relationships can make or break your business. Only the best and most solid suppliers will do, and the Brand Chain community is just that.

Who is Brand Chain?

Brand Chain is the essential community for the brand solutions supply chain, serving the distributors who recommend, source and execute brand solutions for their customers, as well as the suppliers who partner with them to deliver at the highest level.

Brand Chain members consist of primarily distributors and suppliers who represent – but are not limited to – the following product verticals:

  • Print

  • Labels

  • Promotional Products & Apparel

  • Digital Marketing

  • Packaging

  • Technology (including e-commerce platforms and data solutions)

What does Navitor offer Brand Chain members?

Navitor helps members source high-quality promotional items at competitive prices, and expand product offerings to better meet the diverse needs of customers.

Navitor’s products are available for ordering from this Brand Chain supplier number:

Brand Chain 1002

Take my business to the next level

Looking for a competitive edge? Navitor Membership offers you exclusive perks to stay ahead. From customized solutions to priority shipping, you’ll out-rank your competition. Become a member today and start growing sales. As a member of Brand Chain, you are pre-approved for membership. Navitor membership is free and there is no obligation! Register today with Navitor for member-only pricing and online ordering.

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What our members are saying

Are you ready to showcase your product offerings, enhance brand visibility, and attract potential customers? Let’s get started. We’re your partner to help in fostering business growth and profitability.

As a Brand Chain member, you are already qualified to be a member of Navitor. Register today to get rolling with exclusive wholesale pricing.