Trends Guide Webinar Wrap-Up

Ready to distinguish yourself from your competition with forward-thinking ideas? Watch the Trends Guide Webinar 

Looking forward and anticipating what your customers will need and want next is vital. Awareness of trends keeps you competitive, in the moment and identified as the expert. See what’s exciting and in the now so you can uncover new business opportunities and demands. 

The Q1 Trends Guide covers four hot topics for distributors 

You’ll find must-know trends and details within each topic and links to helpful resources. Here’s a quick review of what you’ll learn: 

Print Trends  

The Navitor Team discusses who is buying what this time of year. You’ll hear about popular products you should be offering to clients as well as design trends to look for and incorporate into promotional materials, packaging, business flyers, and more! 

Artificial Intelligence 

The quintessential trend set to shape marketing in 2024 and beyond! The Navitor Team breaks down how AI is impacting sales for resellers and recommends their favorite AI sales tools you can start using today (if you aren’t already). 


The Healthcare industry is experiencing a tremendous amount of change. Our print experts are sharing must-have print solutions for communicating these changes. You’ll also learn about the top 5 healthcare trends driving this change.   

Labels and Packaging 

Brand strategy is top priority for businesses, and labels and packaging are must-have print solutions for creating an optimal customer experience. Our team will discuss top prospects for label sales, and they’ll reveal popular labels and packaging trends so far this year.  

Navitor Tools Featured in the Webinar: 

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